Twidge unleashes your productive self.

Meet the new standard for organizing your life. Plan your calendars, write notes build to-do lists blazingly fast.

A catalyst to increase your productivity by ~5x.

We aren’t like your normal productivity tool.

We are built by the community, our desktop app is open-source and anyone can contribute. We strive to achieve pixel perfection.

Automatically create elements from your clipboard. Open Twidge and start pasting

Command Menu

Instantly search/insert tasks, notes, to-do lists, without losing your flow

Offline first

Twidge is built for working without network, you can be productive even if you are offline!

Open Source

Twidge is open source and free to use. You can contribute to the project on GitHub.


Twidge is built with Rust and Tauri to provide a fast and native experience. It has a minimal footprint and is blazingly-fast.


We are committed to help you stay focused and productive. That's why we made Twidge as lightweight as possible.

Collaboration. At its finest

Twidge is built for collaboration at its finest, send a link to your colleague and start working together.

Keep everything in place with spaces.

Spaces help you divide tasks based on what they are related to, say work, personal, archive etc.

Instantly do anything with control center.

Twidge has a global keybinding just like Spotlight. Instantly read, add, delete notes, todos and calendar elements at the speed of light!

Start using Twidge today, be a productivity wizard.